Food on Fire!

Hayashi is always my kids’ first pick for special occasions. We went recently to celebrate my son’s 11th birthday.  Hayashi did not disappoint.  We had to wait a few minutes to be seated and the kids were starving.  I ordered steamed edamame right away to calm the tummy beasts.  The waiter was excellent and brought the edamame (and my Sopporo) very quickly.  Kudos for that!

Hayashi serves miso soup and salad with the teppanyaki entries and we ordered the tuna tatami appetizer.  The tuna was extremely fresh and served with a Japanese red pepper mix and served with ponzu sauce.  The dish was light and tangy and a good start to the meal.  The birthday boy ordered steak, his brother ordered shrimp and both settled in to enjoy the “show”.

The teppanyki vegetables are a highlight for me.  (Yes, I eat them off of the kids’plates!) The steak was well seasoned and perfectly cooked to medium as requested.  The meals were very generous with the protein, vegetables and rice.  My kids loved the fried rice which is an extra cost if chosen over steamed rice.  The chef was excellent entertaining the kids with slicing and chopping action, an onion train, and flying shrimp for us to catch in our mouths.  (Why can’t I ever catch that thing?)

I’m a huge sushi fan so I ordered my favorite New York roll.  This roll has tuna, avocado and tobiko wrapped with salmon and avocado on top.  Again I found the fish to be very fresh and generously cut.  I ate every bite!  Overall, it was a great experience.  The kids enjoyed and ate well.  The night ended with the waiters bringing ice cream and singing happy birthday.

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I love food! I’m all about enjoying a great meal with friends and family. Isn’t that what life is all about? The variety of culinary styles and ethnic foods available in the RGV takes me back to my home state of New Jersey – which is just as eclectic. As a gal with a palate for almost anything, and as a mother with two finicky eaters, I never struggle to find new and exciting eateries.