Country Charm

There’s something different about that hazy, blue-colored business complex in the middle of McAllen where Sweet Temptations resides. It seems each business, from Salt to MoonBeans, to the cute little fashion boutiques scattered throughout, radiate a type of uniqueness and charm you won’t find anywhere else in the city. They each have a pleasant vibe about them that seems to welcome you with open arms, calling your name and drawing you in. I could easily spend my day there, shopping, dining, and enjoying a coffee out on the patio under the shade of Valley trees. Alas, I visited while on lunch break, so my time was limited, and the hunger pangs were kicking in thanks to the wonderful scents escaping from Sweet Temptations.

In this country-styled eatery, you’re drawn in by the pretty decorations, quaint atmosphere, and fresh aromas of homemade foods. Inside, the walls were covered with lightly-patterned wallpaper, scattered wooden paneling, and each table held a small vase with a single white chrysanthemum flower. My coworkers and I were guided to a small table at the corner of the dining room.  Now, I’m the kind of girl that can spot desserts from a mile away, and Sweet Temptations’ highly conspicuous pastry display had me eyeing a certain peach cobbler bowl – I had to have it!

The service was positively delightful, and the owners of this mom-and-pop made an effort to interact with every filled table in the dining room. My lunch dates ordered a Santa Fe Quiche, a cup of Broccoli and Cheese soup, and a Stuffed Avocado Plate. A friend recommended I try the Chicken Salad Plate with homemade raspberry vinaigrette. I ordered and added a cup of Lobster Bisque soup. Honestly, I was expecting a relatively simple plate – it’s just chicken salad! Now that I think about it, it really should be advertised as a plate for two. My plate, a mountain of green, smelled amazingly fresh and crisp. It was decorated with a large scoop of chicken salad laying atop a bed of green salad and tropical fruits. The salad dressing and cinnamon-flavored fruit dipping sauce…holy cow! That’s all I have to say. The combination and unexpected presentation had me interested, but the flavors won me over. I was actually happy about taking home leftovers.

My coworker’s quiche was baked with bell peppers, tomato, ground beef, and layers of cheese. Those vegetables make a great base to any dish, and with the spices used in this quiche, well, there was hardly a bite left on the plate. Our soups were good. Each had a very thick, creamy consistency and a strong garlic and herb base. The bisque was a tad too gooey for my taste, but I enjoyed the flavor. The stuffed avocado plate was similar to mine – but with a giant avocado at the center – and made for a pleasant addition to the chicken salad. I’d recommend this plate for anyone who loves avocados and is looking to try the traditional chicken salad dish from Sweet Temptations.

And the much anticipated Peach Cobbler Bowl. I say bowl because this thing was massive. It looked like a small pie, complete with baked criss-cross dough. It took all three of us to knock this baby down but, gosh, was it worth it. I’ll admit, the only reason I had salad for lunch was so I wouldn’t feel guilty about the extra sugar calories. I don’t regret my decision! The peach cobbler was warm, with pouches of sugary cinnamon and peach syrup in every spoonful. Dessert should not taste that good. Each bite brought on a wave of “ohh” and “ahh”, expressing our love for the dish. It was the perfect ending to a lovely lunch.

Anyway, Sweet Temptations has a long history in McAllen. They are a well known mom-and-pop diner in the community, and if you have yet to sample their delectable creations, I suggest you stop by soon, like today. See for yourself!

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JoAnn is a graduate of the University of Texas-Pan American where she obtained a Bachelor’s in Mass Communication with a minor in English. She is an inquisitive, ambitious and lively person with an undeniable passion for the written word.