Monday, July 15, 2024


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Rusteberg Painting Studio – UTRGV Brownsville

Rusteberg Painting Studio - UTRGV Brownsville Fine Arts (MFA) in Studio Art College of Fine Art Photography by Rick Fatica.

South Padre Island: A Guided Experience for Relaxation, Adventure, and Romance...

An adventure means different things to everyone. Some of us may enjoy those off the wall adrenaline rush activities, while others might relish in...

7 Things to Do to Beat the End of Summer Blues

The end of summer is right around the corner and then it’s back to school for a lot of us here in the RGV....


Tech + Millennials = Less Sleep

Millennials—we love our tech don’t we? From tablets to laptops, iPhones to Snapchat, there’s always something new and engaging that absolutely requires our attention. Whether it’s catching up on the latest episode of Workaholics...

Protein and Your Exercise Regimen: All Your Questions Answered

In honor of National Nutrition Month, let’s spend a little time talking about nutrition. Specifically, let’s talk about protein and your exercise routine. We all know that – in general - we should maintain a...


Farewell Summer Heat: A Tribute to the ‘Dog Days of Summer’

Hottest month ever recorded!   July 2021 has earned the unenviable distinction as the world’s hottest month ever recorded, according to new global data released today...

Birding business – Ecotourism in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas

By November, the winter rush to South Texas has begun, fueled by a craving for the sun and a passion for birds. The first flocks...
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